Russo-Ukrainian War 9/5/22

Liz Truss has been chosen as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, reiterating Britain’s support for Ukraine and democracies abroad.

Concurrent with Liz Truss’ nomination, Britain made an announcement to bolster the training of Ukrainian recruits in the United Kingdom. British-trained soldiers have already reportedly seen combat in Kherson, helping to coordinate the large-scale southern offensive.

Liz Truss delivered a fiery speech earlier in the war, took on Russia directly, and called for what seemed to be the framework of a ‘global NATO.’ Though seen as a war hawk by some, Liz Truss’ foreign policy has been hailed as a powerful example for Western nations to share equal responsibility with the United States in foreign policy, standing with Ukraine and promoting democratic values around the world while also enjoying a flexible and independent dialogue with other nations. Though the U.S.-U.K. ‘special relationship’ could stand to be tested by Liz Truss’ stances, her nomination will no doubt reinvigorate the Western bloc’s support for Ukraine amidst what is likely to be a grueling winter.

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