War and Conflict

  • Approaching a Year of War—Russia’s Winter Catastrophe
    Russia’s military defeat draws closer after horrific losses in the Donbas and the failure of ‘pipeline diplomacy’.
  • Lessons From The European Cold War
    It has become common in the last few years to hear discussion of, or even hope for, a second American civil war. The European Cold War demonstrates that civil wars can not only be fought with armies and generals on great historic battlefields, but with sporadic bombings, riots and assassinations.
  • A Bleak Outlook on the Future of the Russian Federation
    Reeling from a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkiv, the Russian Federation faces an uncertain future.
  • China Cannot Invade Taiwan to Achieve a Military Re-unification
    With or without U.S. military involvement, a Chinese attempt at a forceful re-unification remains presently unfeasible.
  • Russia’s Low-Yield Strategic Nuclear Arsenal
    With Europe on the brink of war, concerns have been raised over the role of atomic weapons in a modern, great power conflict. Russia holds the largest known nuclear arsenal, with about 1,456 deployed nuclear weapons. With a well-developed nuclear triad, Russia’s nuclear policy consists of deterrence and ‘escalate to de-escalate’, a controversial yet potentially […]
  • Macron-Putin Diplomatic Talks
    French President Emmanuel Macron recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to discuss the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. Ukraine has been under real threat of invasion for a few months, and recently U.S. intelligence suggests attempts at fabricating a casus belli (an ‘acceptable’ reason to attack). But when asked regarding his meetings with Putin, […]
  • The Inevitability of Nuclear War in Ukraine
    Since World War II, no nuclear powers have engaged each other directly, relying on proxy wars to sort their differences. Though these wars tend to shoulder the burden of conflict on third-party nations, they prevent the very real possibility of nuclear exchanges between superpowers capable of eradicating civilization as we know it. It is estimated […]
  • Russia Accused of Sending Operatives To Orchestrate False Flag Incident
    In 1939, disguised Germans perpetrated the Gleiwitz incident, a purported attack on German soil that served as a pretext for the German invasion of Poland. Of course, the event was widely derided as a ploy to contemporary and modern historians. It was absurd to consider that Germany was anything but the aggressor, and the Gleiwitz […]
  • “Little Green Men”: Russia’s Ukrainian deployments
    The 21st century has seen the rise of an authoritarian successor state to the Soviet Union, Putin’s Russia. Using a mixture of military force and intensive political scheming, Putin has managed to secure a chokehold on worldwide democracy, undermining elections as important as the U.S. presidency. Putin has a lot going for him; his agents […]
  • Russian Escalation in Crimea as Biden speaks with Putin on Ukraine
    A significant military and diplomatic escalation, months after Putin’s stationing of troops near the border, is currently underway in Ukraine. U.S. intel, released in the declassified document below, refers to 175,000 Russian forces amassing in and around Ukraine. Worryingly, several pieces of artillery within Crimea have been identified. Russia’s military in the region is organized […]
  • Al Qaeda may reform in 1-2 years, CIA warns
    During the annual Intelligence and National Security Summit, acting U.S. officials warned that al Qaeda could reform its capabilities to attack the United States homeland within 1-2 years. Reports of high-ranking al Qaeda leaders returning to Afghanistan have already surfaced, while the Taliban’s promises for a cooperative, stable government have rapidly crumbled. The rapid collapse […]
  • Israeli-Palestine violence soars as U.S. commitment wavers
    In the past week, tensions have flared between Israel and Palestine as a result of rocket fire from Hamas into Israel in retaliation for storming the Al-Aqsa mosque during the final prayers of Ramadan. In the following days, violence would surge as more rockets were fired and protestors clashed with police in settlements facing evictions. […]
  • UK Foreign Office summons Russian Ambassador over Ukraine hostility as Royal Navy moves in
    The UK Foreign Office has made clear its stance regarding Russian misconduct over the past two years. The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has summoned the current Russian Ambassador, Andrey Kelin, over concern from the UK Government regarding a “pattern of malign activity,” which includes cyber intrusions, the ongoing hostility at the Ukrainian border, […]
  • Myanmar’s worsening conditions invite renewed ethnic conflict
    A rapid escalation of violence has deteriorated public safety with soldiers executing protesting civilians and clampdowns on political freedoms.
  • Ukraine Issues De-facto Declaration of War Against Russia, As United States Seeks Peace
    Though Decree no. 117/2021 falls short of a declaration of war, it lays a clear challenge to the Russian presence in Ukraine.
  • Biden announces complete withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11th, 2021
    Twenty years after the September 11th attacks, the American war in Afghanistan will come to an end. The intervention in Afghanistan has spanned 20 long years, during which the Taliban waged war against the U.S.-backed Afghani government. The U.S. involved several powerful nations in this intervention, invoking NATO’s collective defense clause for the first and […]

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