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  • Approaching a Year of War—Russia’s Winter Catastrophe
    Russia’s military defeat draws closer after horrific losses in the Donbas and the failure of ‘pipeline diplomacy’.
  • What’s really going on with China’s “Police Station” in NYC?
    This article was originally published on Medium: Nestled into the one hundred block of Manhattan’s East Broadway, surrounded by small Chinatown storefronts, is a low and unassuming glass building. The nearby Manhattan Bridge approach clatters overhead, further dispelling suspicion that this is a location of international political significance. From the street, it would be difficult […]
  • A Bleak Outlook on the Future of the Russian Federation
    Reeling from a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkiv, the Russian Federation faces an uncertain future.
  • Queen Elizabeth II Has Died at 96 in Balmoral
    The longest reigning monarch in history passed in Scotland days after meeting with Liz Truss and confirming the new Prime Minister.
  • Will Brexit Rejuvenate Sectarian Violence in Northern Ireland?
    The withdrawal of Britain from the EU has stoked tensions between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland and made the area a hotspot in the slow and convoluted Brexit process.
  • China Cannot Invade Taiwan to Achieve a Military Re-unification
    With or without U.S. military involvement, a Chinese attempt at a forceful re-unification remains presently unfeasible.
  • Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe Assassinated at 67
    Abe was assassinated at 11:30am on July 8th while giving a speech near Yamato-Saidaiji Station in the city of Nara, Japan
  • Is Greece Taking the First Steps in a Democratic Backslide?
    In the early morning of the Seventeenth of November, 1973, a tank crashed through the wrought-iron gates of the Athens Polytechnic University. The university had been occupied for the previous three days by student activists, who demanded the end of the military Junta that had ruled Greece since 1967. The students had blocked roads, attacked […]
  • Chinese-Russian Olympic Unity
    In an unsurprising show of solidarity, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping joined forces in a strong rebuke of the West in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It was clear from the onset that the Olympics would double as a strong political statement. Many nations, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, and India, […]
  • Russia Accused of Sending Operatives To Orchestrate False Flag Incident
    In 1939, disguised Germans perpetrated the Gleiwitz incident, a purported attack on German soil that served as a pretext for the German invasion of Poland. Of course, the event was widely derided as a ploy to contemporary and modern historians. It was absurd to consider that Germany was anything but the aggressor, and the Gleiwitz […]
  • Kazakhstan and CSTO’s Regional Agenda
    Kazakhstan, a country known for its natural beauty and tourism industry. Or at least, that is what their recent, intense advertisement campaign would have you believe. Yet the events that took place recently, despite Kazahkstan being known as a ‘safe’ nation, highlight just how quickly an incompetent government can collapse under mild stress. After the […]
  • “Little Green Men”: Russia’s Ukrainian deployments
    The 21st century has seen the rise of an authoritarian successor state to the Soviet Union, Putin’s Russia. Using a mixture of military force and intensive political scheming, Putin has managed to secure a chokehold on worldwide democracy, undermining elections as important as the U.S. presidency. Putin has a lot going for him; his agents […]
  • Harnessing the Power of the Sun – Nuclear Energy
    Growing interest in nuclear power remains mired by stigma despite serious concerns with efficacy of solar and wind.
  • OPINION: The Necessity of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty
    Japanese and American interests have often been shared, and a special friendship, much akin to that of the United States and Britain, has helped both countries see each other quite favorably as a result of the Japanese-American Security Treaty. Despite world war setbacks, Japanese and American cooperation in world affairs has a long history of […]
  • Vaccine Diplomacy
    As the world grapples with surging infection rates and novel, complex variants, vaccine distribution becomes an arm of foreign policy.
  • 2021 – A Year of Tension
    2021 was fraught with tension, as Biden’s administration grappled with domestic issues, all while attempting to return America to the diplomatic stage. Early on in his presidency, Biden’s leadership was challenged by events in Myanmar, Ukraine, and Afghanistan, as the world watched and gaged his response. Here are some areas events we’ll be keeping a […]
  • Sudanese Military Coup Dissolves Sovereignty Council
    In a brazen move, Sudan’s military seized power, capturing the Prime Minister and several political leaders. At least 3 people have been killed by military forces. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the orchestrator of the coup, was part of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, a collective head of state meant to transition Sudan to civilian control. […]
  • U.S. acknowledges second air strike in Kabul killed innocent civilians
    Earlier today, reports from the Pentagon confirmed what many had believed prior; the second airstrike in Kabul failed to hit ISIS-K militants. In a statement released by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the Department of Defense confirmed and apologized for the mistake. Secretary Austin claimed that the U.S. military was the military taking the most […]
  • U.S., U.K., and Australia announce nuclear military alliance AUKUS
    By Sebastian Lopez and Harry Wilson-Mew Everything you need to know about AUKUS On September 15th, 2021, President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the creation of a new, maritime security alliance, dubbed ‘AUKUS’. Citing growing concerns over the security of the Indo-Pacific, AUKUS seeks to ensure the collective […]
  • Bhutan’s Diplomatic Maneuver – The Necessity of Biden’s American ‘Example’
    Bhutan raised questions larger nations have avoided – how do smaller nations hold regional powers accountable for climate change?
  • Weekend Briefing 4/18/21
    Escalation in Ukraine and the South China Sea threatens an end to American intervention. Afghanistan With the decision to decisively withdraw from Afghanistan only recently announced, the Taliban has already claimed victory. With their forces approaching the capital, it is clear that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan shall likely rise again. However, in many ways, […]
  • Myanmar’s worsening conditions invite renewed ethnic conflict
    A rapid escalation of violence has deteriorated public safety with soldiers executing protesting civilians and clampdowns on political freedoms.
  • Biden announces complete withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11th, 2021
    Twenty years after the September 11th attacks, the American war in Afghanistan will come to an end. The intervention in Afghanistan has spanned 20 long years, during which the Taliban waged war against the U.S.-backed Afghani government. The U.S. involved several powerful nations in this intervention, invoking NATO’s collective defense clause for the first and […]

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