Russo-Ukrainian War 8/4/22

Three more vessels left the Ukrainian ports of Chornomorsk and Odesa, laden with grain meant to alleviate the growing food crisis around the world. Passing by Ukrainian mines and the Russian blockade, the ships will join the first vessel to enter Turkey’s waters and pass through the Bosporus. Despite the success of the shipment, far more is necessary to make up for the excess, unshipped grain. Truck convoys from Ukraine to Eastern Europe have done little to alleviate the backlog.

As Russian forces continue to face difficulties advancing in the Donbas, fighting under conditions Ukrainians have described as “hellish,” Ukraine’s growing momentum near Kherson will likely increase Russia’s desperation in regards to ‘quiet mobilization’ and a scramble to move troops into Zaporizhzhia. With Western weaponry trained towards the bridges leading into the occupied city, Russia will be forced to take serious measures to shore its defenses in the city. Already, residents of Kherson are reporting a general sense of panic amongst Russian occupiers and collaborators, though a final confirmation on these reports is not yet available. However, there has been conclusive evidence of partisan warfare in Kherson, with effigies of Russian soldiers propped near roads into the city and vehicles of important collaborators being bombed. High-profile assassinations have allegedly taken place, and though Ukrainian forces will no doubt undertake the final liberation of the city, partisans and local demonstrators have significantly impacted Russia’s attempts to legitimize its takeover of the city.

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