Russo-Ukrainian War 5/29/22

A view of a multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) self-propelled launcher loader (SPLL), right, a heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (HEMTT), and a tracked armored personnel carrier (APC).

The Russian advance near Sievierodonetsk has slowed as fighting transitions into urban areas, which Russia has difficulty overrunning. Urban warfare, a nightmare for most armies, is a style of fighting Russia is unequipped and unprepared for. During the initial onslaught, armored vehicles pierced deep into Kyiv, only to be completely abandoned, having no ground support, and the long siege of Mariupol proved the tenacity of Ukrainian defenders. While attacking in what Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has described as ‘human waves,’ Russia has also resorted to flattening cities with artillery, similar to the Siege of Grozny during the Chechen Wars. Though the situation remains very tense, and Ukraine is reportedly still considering a withdrawal from the region, the Russian advance has noticeably slowed, particularly from Popasna.

In Kherson, Ukraine’s counteroffensive has met limited success, forcing Russia on the defensive. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian forces were now attempting to reclaim areas regained by Ukrainian forces but have not made significant progress so far.

Crucially, the United States is moving to authorize the donation of MLRS rocket artillery to Ukraine. With a strike range of over 100km, these systems would wreak havoc upon Russian lines, doing about the same damage as a guided munitions airstrike. Key to their usage would be targetting Russian artillery, which has been relentlessly shelling Mykolaiv and countless other towns along the entire line of contact.

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