Russo-Ukrainian War 4/5/22

The Antonovskiy Bridge in 2006. There are concerns that the Russian military may be rigging the bridge to explode, with residents reporting an increased Russian presence on the bridge in recent days.

President Zelenskyy addressed the United Nations Security Council, calling the organization to action over war crimes and alleged genocide in Ukraine. Citing the Bucha massacre, Zelenskyy delivered a powerful speech, urging the United Nations to seriously reform and restructure itself into an institution capable of upholding international law.

In particular, Zelenskyy spoke against the power of the veto in regards to Russia’s continued opposition to U.N. resolutions. As the U.S. calls for Russia’s suspension from the United Nations Human Rights Council, the West watches as a Russian advance in the Donbas prepares to make its move.

Western intelligence cited logistical miscalculations and challenges that the Russian army is facing, preventing it from transferring troops previously operating in Kyiv immediately from Belarus to the Donbas.

There were also reports from Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych that Russia could be preparing to withdraw from Kherson. A withdrawal would cement Russia’s new defense strategy along the Dnieper, setting up for a long-term occupation of South-Eastern Ukraine.

It remains an open question whether Putin will escalate, but so far, preliminary reports from recently liberated territories hint at large-scale atrocities comparable to the Bucha massacre.

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