Russo-Ukrainian War 3/7/22

Kharkiv, a city under constant artillery barrage, whose siege has been likened to the siege of Stalingrad (Image via Ukraine State Emergency Service)

Both in Russia and Ukraine, Russian forces have made a determined effort to stamp out the truth, arresting any who dare claim the ‘special operation’ is a war.

Today, a Swiss journalist was recently shot while driving in a marked ‘PRESS’ car. Dragged from his vehicle, Russian soldiers stole his passport, 3,000 euros, laptop, and footage. He was seen bleeding later in a picture and was treated at a Ukrainian hospital.

This comes as, within the Federation, Russian police continue to arrest reporters and block global websites in an effort to shield their populace from the truth. Activists like Alexei Navalny have continued to call for daily protests against Putin’s invasion and acting against the government’s interests, with the jailed opposition leader passing on names for Canada’s sanctions list.

Yet as Russian forces continued to be bogged down and stuck, more reports of dissenting FSB agents arose, citing internal conflicts within the Russian Federation.

Previously, it was reported that a source from the Russian government helped Ukraine liquidate Chechen mercenaries tasked with killing Zelensky, as well as intercepting Wagner Group mercenaries who had entered Kyiv.

Yet now, new reporting from human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin suggests that Russia’s failure in Ukraine could be even worse than expected. An anonymous source from the FSB claimed up to 10,000 Russians were possibly dead and that the FSB wasn’t told ahead of the invasion and subsequently charged with its failure.

Shockingly, the source also hints that, following Kadyrov’s losses in Ukraine, Chechnya may be considering acting in open defiance and even conflict with the Russian Federation. This comes as Russia is unable to resupply troops in Syria and is unsure whether the West will alleviate sanctions following a possible cessation of hostilities.

Even then, under what terms? Following recent negotiations, it seems Putin is willing to end the war on a status-quo, so far as Ukraine agrees to part with Luhansk, Donetsk, and Crimea. Yet this has clearly been a non-starter, and with Ukraine’s continued resistance, it is unlikely that a ceasefire will be reached with anything that can be construed as a Russian victory.

The source goes on to say that he believes it is unlikely Putin would turn keys and that even if he wanted to, the decision would not solely rest in his hands. Moreover, the source claims it is possible Russia’s nukes might not be maintained, with nuclear fuel needing replacement every ten years.

Whether or not the source’s colleagues share this opinion, it indicates a quiet but crucial voice of dissent; Putin’s inner circle. How these interests will act in accordance with the intelligence they receive from Ukraine, only they know for certain. But Putin’s control over his government may not be as rigid as his mile-long table may make it seem.

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