Russo-Ukrainian War 2/28/22

Satellite imagery of the massive Russian convoy approaching Kyiv, estimated to be 17 miles long. (Image via MAXAR)

Five days since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have passed, and the aggressor has re-organized its forces, as indiscriminate bombing from MLRS Iskander missiles rain down across Ukraine.

A 17-mile convoy, descending upon Kyiv from the north, has been spotted by MAXAR satellite photos. Though far more defended than previous columns left entirely undefended and destroyed by TB2 drones, aircraft, and javelins, this column is still vulnerable to assault. Within this convoy (or already in the city, depending on sources) are elements of the Wagner Group, tasked with the killing of President Zelensky.

To the south, the city of Mariupol has been encircled, prompting concerns of coming days of bloody urban warfare. Perhaps a precursor to the fight in Kyiv, Mariupol may offer valuable insights as to how Ukraine can hold territory, fighting street to street. With the city under constant bombardment and essential utilities, including internet cut, it is only a matter of time before Russian troops advance, some marines from landings along the Sea of Azov.

Yet the Western world has only grown more resolute in its defense of Ukraine, with American, British, and French special forces joining the international brigade in Ukraine. Moreover, Poland has given Ukraine MiG-29s, which Ukrainian pilots can reach on Polish runways to fly into Ukraine. It is rumored that elements of the Ukrainian Air Force may be landing in secret Polish and Romanian runways, and it is unknown whether this announcement means Polish runways will serve as bases for Ukrainian pilots.

Most importantly, Zelensky has taken the monumental step of signing a request to join the European Union, which has now been registered. Zelensky has requested that Ukraine be given an expedited process. Though it is unlikely Ukraine will join for a few years, many European member-states have called for a fast-track to Ukrainian membership in light of recent events. If Ukraine were to join the European Union, this would authorize Europe, and almost certainly the United States, to immediately provide military support to Ukraine; a move which would annihilate the vulnerable, over-extended Russian military forces.

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