Russo-Ukrainian War 9/21/22

Under the shadow of Putin’s partial mobilization, the United Nations General Assembly largely denounced Russia.

During the General Assembly’s meeting, many nations explicitly condemned the mobilization, stated their intention to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and outright denied referendums in occupied Ukraine.

In a meeting between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Liz Truss, the United Kingdom underscored its commitment to Ukraine’s continued materiel needs, even as European nations framed Putin as ‘desperate’ in his challenge of a rules-based international order. African nations, focused on issues of climate and global supply, largely remained cautious of directly calling Russia out, though the majority reiterated their desire to see the territorial integrity of all U.N. member states respected.

Ukraine has made clear its continued intention to win the war, reiterating that Russian soldiers, conscripts or not, will be dealt with in the same severity as they have for the past near-seven months.

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