Russo-Ukrainian War 8/31/22

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has continued as IAEA officials visit the nuclear power plant in Enerhodar.

With Ukraine keeping mostly silent over the offensive, Russian sources have repeatedly changed their narrative, 

  • There is no Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson.
  • Ukrainian forces launched minor attacks in southern Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian forces launched major attacks, which Russia repelled.
  • Ukrainian forces launched an overwhelming invasion, which has been funneled into a ‘tunnel of death’ by Russian massed artillery.

Despite Russian claims, Ukraine has remained silent and is likely to do so until the end of the weekend. Then, more reports should be indicative in regard to Ukraine’s successes in its offensive. So far, Russian sources have increasingly cited deep Ukrainian advances while reiterating that Ukraine is suffering heavy losses. Come the Ukrainian telling of events and reports by the British and American intelligence services, a clearer picture will emerge as to where the frontlines lie and how the battle for Kherson may develop into a likely Russian defeat.

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