Russo-Ukrainian War 8/30/22

Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been confirmed to have pushed Russian lines in several locations across the southern front, although a media blackout from pro-Ukrainian forces has forced OSINT analysts to rely mostly on Russian sources.

Still, reports of the Ukrainian counteroffensive have continued, with government sources painting a slow battle of attrition as Ukrainian forces ‘bite and hold’ advances towards Kherson from the northeast and west.

It is not immediately clear whether Ukraine will seek only to take the city of Kherson in this offensive or whether Ukraine could try to take positions east of the Dnieper. Upon reaching the river, Ukraine could take an operational pause while moving some forces to Zaporizhzhia in what is likely to be a tense confrontation near the nuclear power plant in Enerhodar. IAEA officials reportedly headed for the power plant from Kyiv in a convoy of vehicles, and Russian shelling was reported during their presence in the area.

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