Russo-Ukrainian War 8/28/22

The battle of the Donbas has remained stalled following Russian transfers to Kherson in fear of a counterattack by the end of the summer.

Although the attack never manifested itself, and Ukraine did not seem ready to make such an offensive soon, the transfer of forces to Kherson, particularly west of the Dnieper, allowed Ukraine’s strikes on bridges leading into Kherson to trap a significant portion of the Russian military there. Though pontoon bridges and ferries continue, they are targeted routinely, putting Russia in an untenable position as Ukraine maintains the Donbas held.

With Russian forces deemed unlikely to advance any time soon in the Donbas, the war could begin to enter a temporary pause, to be resumed if Russia chooses to escalate further or if Ukraine deems the supplies it has received sufficient to begin their promised goals to secure all of Ukraine.

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