Russo-Ukrainian War 8/24/22

Russian missiles hit a Ukrainian rail station, killing civilians amidst Ukraine’s independence day celebration. Explosions were also reported in Kyiv and Kryviy Rih and several other regions in the country.

After half a year of war, Ukraine’s continued independence has broken illusions of Russian military power, though a long road lays ahead before victory can be declared. If Ukraine is to win, Europe and the United States must ensure their support throughout what will likely be a brutal winter amidst a potential global recession.

The U.S.’ recent donation of $3 billion worth of materiel, consisting mostly of ammunition, radars, and six air defense batteries, has been portrayed as part of the West’s efforts to shore up Ukraine’s military in the long term. The decision reflects a likely consensus amongst the Pentagon and the NATO alliance of confidence in Ukraine’s victory, a sentiment which was shared by leaders visiting Ukraine, from Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom to Recep Erdoğan of Turkey. With NATO officials and foreign ministers reiterating the necessity of a Ukrainian victory for the collective security of the Atlantic region, support for Ukraine on the level of government appears to be at a much stronger position than during the uncertain times in early June.

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