Russo-Ukrainian War 8/19/22

The United States has committed a further $775 million to Ukraine as Russian forces remain stalled at the frontlines.

Included in the recent package is a continued stream of HIMARS munitions, indicating the U.S.’ approval of Ukraine’s success rate with the weapons. Though Ukraine continues to ask for more HIMARS batteries, the ongoing stream of munitions continues to heavily degrade Russia’s logistics and command networks across the line of contact and in the Donbas.

However, in the recent tranche of materiel, a large amount of anti-tank weaponry, aerial reconnaissance, and additional vehicles and howitzers seem to indicate the consolidation of Ukrainian assets for possible offensives. The press release also described mine clearing systems made to de-mine areas in the ‘south and east.’

In a Pentagon briefing following the security package, a senior Department of Defense official noted the complete halt of Russian forces, with no recent breakthroughs being made. This statement comes about a week after a similar opinion by the British Ministry of Defence, voicing Russia’s inability to gain ground in the past few days. The shock of powerful new Western weaponry, many of which are being provided consistently in security packages like today’s, is contributing to the organization and psychological breakdown of the Russian army.

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