Russo-Ukrainian War 8/14/22

Ukraine’s progress in potential counteroffensive has been hampered by piecemeal weapon deliveries, while Russia has begun to take concrete actions to stage referendums in occupied territories.

Though Ukraine has been able to seriously degrade Russia’s logistics and command nodes across the south, they do not yet have parity with Russian forces, resulting in a serious imbalance wherever the bulk of Russian forces are concentrated. Though Russia had previously focused on the Donbas, making gains through extensive usage of artillery and hardened troops from the DPR/LPR, it has been unable to materialize the same results in Kherson and southern Ukraine. A combination of increased support for Ukraine by the populace, and a lack of morale due to the threat of long-range artillery strikes, have made reinforcement attempts to bolster the region far less effective. However, the sheer volume of troops will likely delay a Ukrainian offensive unless Western weapons are quickly brought to Ukraine.

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