Russo-Ukrainian War 8/10/22

Ongoing attacks against routes into occupied Kherson have stranded large amounts of Russian forces in the city. Though Ukraine is now estimating that more time may be needed to liberate Kherson and southern Ukraine as a result of piecemeal materiel deliveries, Ukraine’s strikes against bridges and pontoon ferries into the city have allegedly instilled a growing sense of panic in Russian forces in the area.

Following what appears to be a Ukrainian attack on Crimea, which destroyed several aircraft and severely undermined the region’s defenses, the peninsula will most likely be significantly reinforced. Much like Russia has recently attempted to flood southern Ukraine, a wider collapse in the south could lead to a desperate reinforcement in Crimea. However, should Ukraine manage to push into Zaporizhzhia, it will be able to target the crucial Kerch Strait Bridge, thereby isolating the peninsula from land-based resupply efforts.

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