Russo-Ukrainian War 8/8/22

A new security package from the U.S. worth an unprecedented $1b includes:

  • Additional HIMARS munitions.
  • 75,000 rounds of artillery ammunition.
  • Mortar systems and ammunition.
  • Anti-air missiles.
  • Javelins.
  • Armored vehicles.
  • Anti-personnel munitions.
  • Medical equipment.

Though the new tranche of equipment did not include any new HIMARS batteries, the munitions will likely be delivered to units operating in areas near the frontlines. Of equal importance are rounds of 155mm ammunition, crucial in establishing parity with Russian artillery in areas of the Donbas.

Amidst airstrikes in Kyiv, Odesa, and other major population centers, air defenses will be crucial to prevent Russia’s air strikes on populated areas. Though Russia has sought to terrorize Ukraine’s population with indiscriminate missile attacks, even in cities far from the fighting like Lviv, an ever-reinforced robust air defense network sourced from multiple launch systems has led to more missile interceptions on attacks against Ukrainian cities.

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