Russo-Ukrainian War 8/6/22

Amidst a wider buildup in what will likely be an intense battle for Kherson, Ukraine and Russia have begun an intense artillery battle in the vicinity of Europe’s largest nuclear powerplant.

Although Ukraine has struck the areas near the power plant in recent days, it has done so using U.S. “kamikaze” drones, guided in by other UAVs for careful strikes on administrative buildings where Russian soldiers are massing. Oftentimes, despite the initial scramble and potential for a more effective attack, Ukraine has stuck to single attacks in order to prevent a potential disaster.

The same cannot be said for Russia, which has used the power plant as an artillery base, much like Chornobyl at the onset of the war. With strikes recently forcing parts of the power plant offline, the IAEA has warned that the situation could become untenable.

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