Russo-Ukrainian War 7/29/22

Footage has emerged of Russian soldiers committing war crimes on Ukrainian prisoners of war. Among the recordings were a Russian soldier castrating a bound Ukrainian POW with a box cutter before shooting him and a decapitated POW whose head was displayed on a pike.

Though the existence of Russian war crimes was known since February, concerns were downplayed due to lack of evidence, and focus instead came to Ukrainian war crimes, with Ukrainian soldiers knee-capping Russian POWs. Ukraine immediately began to launch an investigation, promising transparency and justice in line with its stated goals to join the European community.

However, Russia has continued to deny war crimes, whether against POWs or civilians in occupied territories. Whereas Ukraine has promised transparency, Russia has sought to avoid investigations, even those by international bodies seeking neutrality. As a mounting resistance in occupied Ukraine grows, so does evidence of war crimes by Russian soldiers. Despite having more time to cover up war crimes, it is possible that, upon liberation, Ukraine’s army may find visceral evidence of crimes comparable to Bucha. This concern has been repeated by Ukrainian lawmakers, who have urged the West to provide all necessary materiel to rapidly liberate the territory.

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