Russo-Ukrainian War 7/28/22

Ongoing Russian shelling across the line of contact has continued, despite no significant advances into Ukrainian territory.

Whereas previously, Russian forces were able to advance under artillery fire into positions, they have seemingly been unable to do so at the same pace as they were during the early stages of the battle of the Donbas. Russia’s assaults have been continually repulsed, and despite what appeared to be the end of Russia’s operational pause, no significant advances have been made in Donetsk, where Ukrainian forces have been defending against Russian offensives towards Bakhmut, Sloviansk, and Kramatorsk.

Despite the increasing lack of mobility faced by Russian forces, largely in part to the use of heavy weapons against valuable logistics and command targets, Russia’s artillery barrages have continued to extract a heavy civilian toll. Amidst a wider deterioration of Russian combat power, fighting in the Donbas will likely enter a brief deadlock while fighting in southern Ukraine takes precedence.

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