Russo-Ukrainian War 7/20/22

Russia has lost an estimated 15,000 soldiers, per the CIA, with three times as many wounded.

Yet despite the break from far higher Ukrainian claims, the United States has remained firm in its belief that Ukraine will win the war and has recently granted a new tranche of HIMARS to Ukraine, indicating growing confidence in the AFU’s ability to strike deep into Russian-held territory.

The HIMARS, along with other materiel from the U.S. and other NATO Allies, indicate the deepening commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty, despite the recent stall in conflict. The United States has devised a plan with NATO to train Ukrainian pilots, likely in the usage of Western aviation. Though Russia launched several offensives in Donetsk recently, none were able to make a significant breakthrough into Ukrainian territory, a likely result of the logistical and psychological effect HIMARS-delivered munitions have had on the Russian army.

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