Russo-Ukrainian War 7/19/22

The Russian advance has remained frozen across the line of contact as the United States warns that Russia could seek to annex occupied territories to begin ‘freezing’ the conflict.

Ukraine has managed to employ Western weapons with frightening efficiency, destroying Russian logistics and command posts across occupied Ukraine, particularly in the south. Ahead of a potential Kherson offensive, Russia may seek to formally annex occupied territories in order to hide under a shield of vague nuclear threats.

Despite this possibility, Ukraine has so far seemed willing to take the fight to any Ukrainian soil claimed by Russia, including Crimea. Recent postures by Ukraine indicate a potential strike against Sevastopol, and Ukrainian authorities have reiterated their intent to liberate all of Ukraine, Crimea included.

Despite orders for the resumption of operations across Ukraine, Russia had been conducting a bombing campaign across Ukrainian cities, targetting residential areas and civilian infrastructure.

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