Russo-Ukrainian War 6/8/22

A Ukrainian delegation meets with Germany during a conference in Germany, from July 6-8. As Soviet-era supplies dwindle, interoperability between Ukraine and NATO nations for the purpose of rapid weapon transfers has become crucial. (Image via Ukrainian Armed Forces)

The United States has pledged four additional HIMARS rocket artillery to Ukraine as Ukrainian strikes devastate Russian forces across the line of contact.

Using rocket artillery, the Ukrainian military claimed two successfully destroyed Russian command outposts near Kherson. So far, the United States’ eight HIMARS rocket artillery have been involved in several crucial battles, including the liberation of Snake Island and strikes deep into occupied Donetsk and Luhansk.

Russia has so far maintained its artillery advantage, crucial in allowing its forces to advance. Ukraine’s weapons have so far focused on targetting ammunition depots and command posts. Amidst an ongoing Russia ‘operational pause’ ahead of a likely offensive in Donetsk, Ukraine has reached a critical and vulnerable juncture. Having exhausted much of its Soviet-era weaponry, some forces, particularly in the Donbas, have not been able to receive Western heavy weapons.

This issue was prevalent in the defense of Luhansk and was cited by some analysts as the reason Ukraine withdrew from Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk. The longer Russian forces remain halted, the more heavy weapons Ukraine could move into position, although it is possible that the Russian pause may be a direct result of heavy weapons confirmed to be operating in the area.

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