Russo-Ukrainian War 7/7/22

The Ukrainian flag was raised over Snake Island, after its liberation from Russian forces. Though Ukraine is likely unable to permanently station troops on the island due to ongoing Russian assaults, Russia has lost control of the valuable air-defense position. (Image via Ukrainian Ministry of Defence)

Ukrainian strikes on Russia’s military infrastructure have escalated as Russian forces take an ‘operational pause’ to recover combat power after the occupation of Luhansk.

A majority of Ukrainian strikes thus far seem to have been focused on the Donbas, though strikes were also reported in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts. Targetting ammo depots and command structures, Ukraine has forced Russian analysts to concede the danger of Western heavy weapons, with some calling for Russia to ‘de-centralize’ its forces to avoid suffering further losses.

Though dispersion could shelter some Russian assets from Ukrainian strikes, dispersed materiel will likely contribute to ongoing logistics issues, which could particularly harm Russia as it seeks to maintain control of Kherson and advance in Donetsk.

Amidst Boris Johnson’s resignation, Ukraine has called for Britain to remain firm in its support of Ukraine. Though Boris’ passionate support will be difficult to surpass, his successor will likely face strong pressure from Ukrainians, Britons, and the international community to continue providing materiel and support for Ukraine.

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