Russo-Ukrainian War 7/6/22

A nuclear power plant in France. France currently produces 71.67% of its energy using nuclear power. (Image via WikiMedia)

The E.U. recognized nuclear and gas energy as ‘renewable energies.’ The decision arrives as concerns resurface over Europe’s coming winter, the continent potentially facing an energy crisis as a result of the War in Ukraine. In particular, the decision creates hopes that Germany, a longtime adversary of nuclear energy, could reconsider its stance on what many scientists consider the ‘safest’ form of clean energy necessary to cut off Russian gas dependence.

So far, sanctions have been rather effective: Gazprom, Russia’s state energy corporation, is projected to default soon, and a string of ‘mysterious deaths’ have plagued Russian businessmen across several industries, underscoring a grim reality that Russia has so far managed to avoid: an economic collapse.

Though Russia took strong measures at the beginning of the war to bolster its economy, these measures are likely to be ineffective in the long term. As the effects of sanctions and the Western departure from the Russian market kick in, Russia will likely find itself unable to replace necessary materiel.

In Ukraine, Russian forces are alleged to have paused their offensives, likely to regain combat power before pushing for the remains of the Donbas. In southern Ukraine, more explosions have rocked occupied territories, underscoring the ever-growing momentum of Ukrainian partisan activities in the area.

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