Russo-Ukrainian War 7/5/22

A Russian T-80 tank targeted by Ukrainian Mechanized brigade (Image via Ukrainian Ministry of Defence)

Russian shelling has continued generally unabated, but Ukrainian strikes on ammo depots and command outposts using Western heavy weapons have been increasing in frequency. Using artillery, rocket artillery, and even improvised weapons platforms, Ukraine has targeted deep into occupied territories, with a success rate that has become a growing problem for Russia’s invasion.

To avoid Ukrainian strikes, Russia may try to ‘decentralize’ its forces, spreading out ammo and logistics hubs across the occupied territories. Though this could decrease the effectiveness of Ukraine’s strikes, it could prove detrimental in the long run to Russian forces on the ground.

As Russian forces launch offensives to take the remaining territories of Donetsk, the Ukrainian government has asked 350,000 civilians in affected areas to flee in order to allow Ukrainian forces to defend the territory. Depending on the number of Western heavy weapons operating in the area, Ukraine can feasibly pressure Russia into further deteriorating its command cohesion.

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