Russo-Ukrainian War 6/25/22

The alleged aftermath of an MLRS strike against Russian occupied territory. (Image via LPR sources)

Ukrainian forces have begun using heavy weapons, including HIMARS, in earnest, with a Russian base near Izyum reportedly being targeted by the American weapons.

Amidst increasingly dangerous rhetoric over Kaliningrad, Putin implied what could be the arming of Belarus as a nuclear nation. During the meeting, the Belarusian head of state Aleksandr Lukashenko claimed that Lithuania’s blockade was tantamount to a declaration of war.

During the evening in Moscow, a motorcade allegedly identified as Putin’s arrived in the Kremlin in a rare, unannounced evening visit. Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov claimed that nothing had occurred, though many online are speculating over a Kremlin response in the morning over Lithuania, Ukrainian strikes, or Russia’s imminent economic default, a result of being unable to pay debts due to sanctions.

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