Russo-Ukrainian War 6/20/22

A group of Australian infantry fighting vehicles arriving in Ukraine. (Image via Ukrainian Ministry of Defence)

Ukrainian authorities have warned Kherson’s residents to flee the area through Crimea, moving to Russia and then the EU. The warning comes as Ukraine seems poised to start a general counteroffensive before September, underscoring the need for Western armaments to do so. Thus far, Ukrainian counteroffensives have been moderately effective, but primarily in regions where Russia has been unable to entrench itself. Earlier Ukrainian counteroffensives near Kherson were successful but localized, failing to significantly erode Russia’s defensive lines. In the event that Ukraine launches a counterattack to retake Kherson, which would no doubt be incredibly costly for both sides, Ukraine’s success will be determined by how rapidly it can advance towards the city.

In Sievierodonetsk, Russian forces control the majority of the city and seem poised to secure victory. However, it is likely that Ukraine will continue fighting in Sievierodonetsk’s outskirts and that local pockets of resistance will keep the city somewhat out of Russian control for longer.

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