Russo-Ukrainian War 6/19/22

Visits to cities near the frontlines of combat by President Zelenskyy (Image via Ukrainian Ministry of Defence)

Russian forces remain stalled across the frontlines in what has become a largely static role, with heavy losses on both sides and constant Russian shelling across the line of contact.

Foreign leaders have increasingly conceded the reality that a settlement is unlikely and that the war in Ukraine is likely to be a long, protracted conflict. The West’s pledge of support, particularly in increasing heavy weapons shipments, is likely to turn the odds further in Ukraine’s favor. Russia’s only chance for a victory similar in scale to Putin’s ambitions is a total mobilization, throwing every Russian asset into Ukraine and hoping the West balks at the escalation.

With increasingly militaristic statements by Britain, Germany, and other EU powerhouses, Putin is unlikely to find significant respite from Europe. In America and American allies like Japan, Russia’s atrocities leave no room for compromise.

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