Russo-Ukrainian War 6/14/22

Air Force and Army personnel prepare to off load a 155 mm towed M777 howitzer from a C-17 Globemaster III in Eastern Europe, May 2, 2022. The security assistance the U.S. is providing to Ukraine is enabling critical success on the battlefield against the Russian invading force. (Image via Air Force Staff Sgt. Shawn White)

Ukrainian and Russian forces have been locked in an intense artillery duel across the line of contact, where Russia has proven capable of bringing large amounts of force to bear. Ukraine has begun employing western weapons but has proposed a ‘shopping list’ of total equipment it would need to achieve parity with the Russian army.

Though it is highly doubtful that the West will choose to supply Ukraine with enough arms to achieve parity with Russia, it is highly likely that Ukraine’s demands in regards to an asymmetric force will continue to be met. This would mean javelins, loitering munitions, and other cost-effective mechanisms to degrade Russia’s numerical advantage. Particularly when it comes to artillery, Ukraine must rely on well-positioning its superior western heavy weapons with which to destroy Russia’s own, often hampered by logistics problems and crew member incompetency.

Russia has accused Ukraine of shelling urban settlements in Donetsk. So far, these allegations have little credible evidence, and Russia’s fake outrage seems hypocritical amidst their ongoing heavy shelling and striking of cities both near and far from the war zone.

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