Russo-Ukrainian War 5/10/22

MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE, Calif. (April 24, 2022) A U.S. Marine Corps M777 towed 155 mm howitzer is loaded into the back of a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircraft at March Air Reserve Base, California, April 24, 2022. The howitzers are part of the United States’ efforts, alongside allies and partners, to identify and provide Ukraine with additional capabilities. (Image via Staff Sgt. Royce H. Dorman)

The U.S. has shared extensive intelligence on the ongoing Donbas offensive, expressing fears that Russia could still declare a mobilization despite Putin’s subdued tone during the May 9th victory parade.

Though Russia stopped short of declaring any victories, it continues to hold onto Kherson, Izyum, the majority of Mariupol, and many other settlements.

Some advances have been made in Luhansk, particularly to the East of Ukrainian-held Kramatorsk, with Russian troops punching through the JFO line and threatening the flank of defenders containing 22 BTGs Russia has used in offensives out of Izyum.

However, Russia has been unable to secure these offensives, as recent Ukrainian pushes near Kharkiv have threatened the Northern Russian advance. Ukrainian forces have begun using deliveries of howitzers and various assorted heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Mariupol was heavily bombarded with Ukrainian sources claiming hourly assaults on the compound. Despite attempts by Ukraine to ensure the safety of Azovstal’s defenders, Russia has refused evacuations for combatants. Combined with the infamous reputation of the Azov battalion as ‘neo-Nazis,’ many fear surrender is not an option, given that Russia has already precluded international volunteers from being exempted from the rights of POWs (rights which, so far, Russia has not respected).

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