Russo-Ukrainian War 5/7/22

Two Ukrainian Su-27s striking Snake Island. Since the sinking of the Moskva (and the potential striking of the Admiral Makarov), Snake Island has been frequently attacked by Ukrainian forces (Image via Ukrainian Air Force

Russia has escalated its missile campaign against Ukraine, striking targets in Odesa, with all of Ukraine under aerial threat notice. Attacks were also made on Sumy, striking minor villages in areas Russia had previously vowed to withdraw from.

Additionally, an airstrike hit a school in Bilohorivka, Luhansk, where up to 90 civilians were sheltering. So far, two deaths have been confirmed. Much like the earlier attack on a Mariupol theater, ongoing excavations and rescue operations could see a higher death toll than initially reported/

It is believed that all women, the elderly, and children have been evacuated from Mariupol’s Azovstal factory. Now, Ukraine is shifting efforts to evacuate doctors and the wounded. Still, given the impending May 9th Russian victory day, Russia may attempt to take the factory as a last-minute propaganda victory.

Ukraine has made continued advances near Kharkiv, threatening Russia’s hold on the city of Izyum. Each day, Ukrainian forces liberate more villages in the area, undermining what may be Russia’s largest deployment of troops, with 22 battalion tactical groups operating out of the occupied city.

Across the border, explosions in Transnistria continue to underscore Russia’s intention to drive the breakaway region into war. However, Moldova has chosen to de-escalate, claiming the disturbances were not a threat or risk to the nation’s security.

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