Russo-Ukrainian War 5/6/22

President Zelenskyy attending a meeting on May 6th, honoring servicemen and their families who have fought and died for Ukraine’s freedom. (image via Ukrainian Presidential Office)

Ukrainian forces have made several key advances near Kharkiv, continuing to threaten Russia’s offensives from Izyum.

As of May 9th approaches, many governments have seemingly taken steps to prepare for whatever storm Putin may unleash. Zelenskyy asked Ukrainians to heed air raid warnings, given with greater frequency in light of repeated Russian attacks.

At sea, a Ukrainian strike allegedly hit the Admiral Makarov frigate of the Black Sea fleet near Snake Island. Though unconfirmed by Russian and Western sources, it represents the Russian navy’s vulnerability at sea, where TB2 Bayraktar drones have made incursions more often following the loss of the Moskva, which had been credited with deterring Ukrainian air operations over the Baltic due to its air defenses.

In Kherson, Russia has sought to solidify control, declaring that Kherson could never again return to Ukrainian hands. With propagandists distributing food and rumors over an imminent referendum, Russia struggles to organize a discontent people amidst the looming threat of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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