Russo-Ukrainian War 5/3/22

Vladimir Solvyov, a Russian propagandist, meeting with Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Russian forces have continued to cut off Ukrainian troops in the Donbas, attempting to take Kramatorsk Sievierodonetsk from troops amassed in Izyum. Ongoing offensives have slowed, though as May 9th draws closer, many are concerned over an imminent escalation.

A Russian encirclement of Ukrainian troops in the Donbas would have serious implications but would not be as drastic as Russian leadership might think. Already, Ukrainian troops fighting near Kherson and Zaporizhzhia are undersupplied, with new Westernequipment unable to get to them on time. Yet despite this, Ukrainian troops near Kherson continue to launch counter-offensives, and Russia’s armored advance towards Zaporizhzhia has been checked.

As NATO heavy weapons, including U.S. howitzers, begin arriving on the field, the monumental task of safely deploying new assets to the frontline would begin.

Knowing this, Russia has frequently targeted depots and logistic hubs with missiles. Today, a Russian missile strike hit Lviv, disrupting railways and killing at least seven people. Air raid sirens blared in Kyiv, and the whole of Ukraine was under aerial threat warning.

From besieged Azovstal, citizens have begun arriving in Zaporizhzhia, giving fresh insights into the sheer destruction inflicted upon Mariupol. Many Ukrainian citizens remain at large, deported illegally into Russia, as far as Eastern Siberia.

Western intelligence has continued to express concern over a farce referendum in Kherson to join Russia but notes stiff resistance by Ukrainian citizens against annexation.

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