Russo-Ukrainian War 4/28/22

A Polaris missile lifts off after being fired from the submerged British nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine HMS REVENGE (S-27) off the coast of Florida near Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This the 10th in a series of Polaris test flights. (Image via United States Defense Imagery)

Russian State Media reveals a grim, fanatic death cult, as Putin seems to attempt to garner compliance/support for the self-destruction of the Russian people in a nuclear exchange.

Speakers were seen extolling the supposed effectiveness of the Sarmat ICBM, brushing away one host’s reminder that Britain, the target of the proposed nuclear strike, had nuclear weapons of its own. Another program addressed this, with a somber-faced host asking Russians to ‘accept’ the inevitable, for, in nuclear hellfire, their souls would go to Heaven, while the West’s would ‘croak.’

Unfortunately for Russia, ABM defense is far too novel for an interception to be NATO’s first line of defense; an ICBM launch towards NATO territory would immediately see the U.S. turn keys, launching a full-scale nuclear assault against Russia. Once an ICBM is in the air, nothing can determine whether it carries conventional or nuclear warheads; in the few seconds the U.S. has to analyze the situation, it must verify the authenticity of the strike and call an emergency meeting with President Biden and several officials; a meeting which could take as little as 30 seconds.

After the launch order is verified and transmitted, Russia’s fate would be sealed; though Russia employs a defensive perimeter around Moscow using high-altitude nuclear weapons exploding over the city, these countermeasures have been previously tested by the U.S., which determined that detonating nuclear weapons to intercept nuclear weapons would not work feasibly. The U.S., which employs a few missile defense systems, would nonetheless be, in large, decimated. But it is predicted that enough people and bureaucracy would survive the immediate aftermath to maintain American culture and civilization, regardless of what form it takes after such a catastrophe.

Despite Russian fearmongering, the West has only escalated its commitment to democracy. Liz Truss, Britain’s foreign secretary, delivered a scathing and powerful address, calling for a world where democratic nations were ‘assertive’ and ‘ascendant .’She stopped short of calling for a global NATO but reiterated the alliance’s key Indo-Pacific responsibilities, in which Europe’s security lies as well.

In the U.S., the 2022 Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act passed, paving the way for faster weapon transfers to Ukraine. In light of increased Russian threats to attack Ukraine’s suppliers, NATO states must commit to transferring weapons as quickly as possible in a race against time to secure Ukraine’s victory in the Donbas.

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