Russo-Ukrainian War 4/17/22

Pope Francis with Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin in 2015. Though the Pope has condemned Russia’s ‘Potentate’, he has avoided calling Putin by name, a move seemingly made to keep an open dialogue with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (image via Kremlin)

On Easter Sunday, as the war in Ukraine rages on, the Pope delivered an address and a statement seemingly calling on Ukraine, and by and large the West, not to surrender to ‘evil and violence.’

The Catholic Church has taken a firmer stance on Ukraine since the onset of the war. Pope Francis’ recent statements come at a crucial juncture; Russia’s attempt to reframe the war as another Donbas conflict is starting to chip away at public awareness of Ukraine. T

The Catholic Church isn’t alone; Western intelligence agencies have continued to express their belief that Russia’s ambitions for subjugation and regime change have not changed. And mainstream news networks have continued to cover Ukraine, expressing concern over the coming Russian Victory Day as well as the imminent Donbas offensive.

A rumored false-flag operation by Russia was allegedly revealed by Ukraine, citing Russian attempts to frame a cause for escalation. As Ukrainian forces continue to push near Kharkiv, the upcoming Donbas offensive could decide the course of the war. If Russia cannot commence the offensive in due time, Ukraine may be able to establish better control over the area and prevent an encirclement of their troops.

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