Russo-Ukrainian War 4/13/22

A Neptune anti-ship cruise missile test launch in 2019 (Image via Ukrainian Presidential Office)

Russia has moved troops into Eastern Ukraine in preparation for its Donbas offensive, as Ukrainian forces continue to wreak havoc upon Russian materiel. Included today was the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the ‘Moskva’ (Moscow) guided-missile cruiser, which suffered catastrophic damage following a Ukrainian attack using Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles.

International pressure has ramped up as more leaders join the chorus of nations calling Russia’s actions genocidal. Russia has lost its position in several organizations to date, and more companies continue to pull out of the federation. This has caused Russia to adopt stringent economic measures to avoid default; the Rouble has managed to rebound slightly despite widespread economic shocks.

Homegrown support for the war has kicked into full swing, with Putin’s nationalist masses decrying those who speak against the invasion. Despite the West’s attempts to spread factual reporting into Russia’s borders, a significant portion of the Russian populace has adopted a ‘nonaligned’ approach or the mindless repetition of Russian government propaganda. For a nation that has never experienced true democracy, it is tragic that few understand how political apathism enables dictatorships.

In particular, Sweden and Finland have been increasingly described as ‘imminently’ joining NATO. This is a misunderstanding; neither government has expressed direct agreement with joining NATO, particularly Sweden. Though they are both LIKELY to join by mid-summer, the decision is not final. More news on the Finnish side is likely to come out in May as pressure mounts from both the Finnish population and nearby Western nations. Sweden’s accession is almost entirely dependent on the course of action its neighbor takes.

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