Russo-Ukrainian War 4/9/22

Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv (Image via Ukrainian Presidential Office)

As per Ukrainian intelligence, Russia has begun to redeploy troops from the failed Kyiv offensive. Troops were sent to assist in attacks on Kharkiv from Belgorod. Despite this, many Russian units have had large-scale mutinies, and local commanders have been forcing their troops into combat.

With Russian ground forces in disarray, Russia has been relying on missile attacks to damage Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and army logistics and terrorize the population with indiscriminate attacks. The U.K. raised this concern, which today confirmed it was sending anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. This was addressed during Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s surprise visit to Ukraine, where he and Zelenskyy discussed Britain’s ironclad commitment to Ukrainian sovereignty and security.

Many have called into question Boris Johnson’s former dealings with Russian interests, particularly with Evgeny Lebedev. Yet his strong support for Ukraine, whether as a method of evasion or genuine realignment, has nonetheless been significant in rallying Western and Eastern European allies to pressure Central Europe. As concerns are raised over the status of Ukrainian asylum-seekers in Britain, serious steps must be taken in allowing for critical aid and shelter to reach those who need it.

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