Russo-Ukrainian War 4/6/22

Ukrainian soldiers attack a Russian tank in Mariupol (image via Ukrainian Ministry of Defense)

The U.S. will move to provide enough anti-tank weapons to outnumber each Russian tank 10:1, according to Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken.

This move comes with the growing Western and Ukrainian assessment that the War in Ukraine will become a long-term, active war in the Donbas. Putin continues to push for his objectives of Ukrainian submission but focuses on one particular front.

A map shared by Ukrainian intelligence showed the Ukrainian offensive nearing Kherson, with claims of the liberation of Osokorivka. Suppose the Russian military is pushed out of Kherson. In that case, it could detonate the bridge there, setting the scene for a defensive line across the Dnieper as troops from Luhansk and Donetsk work with the new Donbas offensive to encircle the Ukrainian army in the Joint Forces Operation Zone. Yet Ukrainian and Western analysts have conveyed that an encirclement would not cause the Ukrainian tactical defeat Putin so desperately needs to end the war in some modicum of a Russian victory.

Russian forces continue to assault Mariupol, with Ukrainian forces holding less than a quarter of the city. Despite this, Ukrainian forces have continued to fight, forcing Russia to measure its advances in streets and buildings.

Internationally, Poland has now joined Ukraine in considering Russia’s extermination actions in Bucha and across occupied Ukraine a genocide.

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