Russo-Ukrainian War 3/24/22

A Russian landing ship on fire in Berdyansk, following Ukrainian attacks.,

The major Ukrainian counteroffensive has halted Russia’s advance and, in the south, has threatened Russia’s position in Kherson. Satellite imagery has shown a decreased materiel presence in the occupied city, with Russian forces moving helicopters out of the area.

But Kherson is not the only Russian capture facing opposition. A major explosion on a ‘large Russian assault ship’ in occupied Berdyansk has been confirmed by the United States. This was following a publication by Russian state media, showing ships unloading military equipment in the port.

For all its talk on ‘de-Nazification,’ it seems Russia learned nothing from the Second World War.

Yet the recent successes do not yet spell victory for Ukraine. Russian troops have been spotted within Mariupol, and the city’s current status is not known with certainty. It seems likely that Mariupol will eventually fall, given the continued humanitarian crisis and starvation residents have faced. Yet despite this, the defender’s bravery has become a symbol for the entire world, a movement that helps Zelenskyy use the ‘hero city’ among others in his passionate pleas to the West.

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