Russo-Ukrainian War 2/27/22

 Rally in support of Ukraine in Times Square as war in Ukraine continues. (Photo via WikiMedia)

The fourth day of war was evidence of one thing only: the graveyard of modern Russian military power.

We reported yesterday Spetsnaz special forces were entering Kharkiv when we published our 2/26 report. In the morning, those forces were destroyed, with Ukraine having reclaimed the city.

So deep has Russia’s losses been that it has been forced to consider negotiations, without any pre-established ultimatums or guarantees, with Russia inviting Ukraine for talks on the Belarus border. Despite agreeing, Ukraine has continued to fight and declare its intent never to surrender, a statement repeated by President Zelensky and U.N. Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya. Kyslytsya also called out continued Russian aggression from Belarus, citing reports of Iskander missiles being fired over the border.

Iskander missiles over Belarus, heading for Ukraine. Belarus is meant to be the site of negotiations to end the war, yet continues to facilitate the aggressor’s indiscriminate attacks on Ukraine.

A desperate Putin has ordered Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces to go on high alert in a move that sought to paralyze the West. Yet the U.S. only responded with dry amusement, with Biden chiding Putin for his abject fear, as many across the Western world increasingly view the dictator as unhinged. Ironically, Kosovo declared its intention to join NATO upfront, requesting membership and a permanent U.S. military base.

A ‘referendum’ was passed in Belarus, paving the way for the stationing of nuclear weapons in the nation. Such a move was expected; Russia was already moving elements of its military into position, and though condemned, the move is seen by many as simple showboating.

With a lack of process, Russian forces began a long campaign of targeted civilian infrastructure in an attempt to hold the population by siege. Kyiv and cities across Ukraine had sirens ringing into the early night as Russian bombers attacked city outskirts. Over radio frequencies, Russian commanders were observed to be far calmer than yesterday, though tired and suffering heavy losses. MLRS attacks increased, and videos of what could be a thermobaric weapon striking an ammo depot were widely shared. Yet the Ukrainian people have not backed down, and with Zelensky’s announcement of a Foreign International Brigade, many worldwide have begun flocking to Ukraine. Joining is done by contacting a military attaché in one’s respective Ukrainian embassy, and the governments of many nations, including Denmark and the United Kingdom, have expressed approval for nationals to travel and fight in Ukraine.

Though Russia made no real gains, reports have risen of a long line of Russian units on the way to Kyiv. Such formations have been easily targeted by Ukrainian TB2 drones, produced by Turkey, and used extensively around Russian troops in recent years. Russian formations entering Kyiv will find a populace armed to the teeth, led by a President who has refused to back down. As Russian attacks on residences, hospitals, power plants, and non-military targets mount, the Ukrainian government has claimed the beginnings of a genocide.

Russia has lost 4,300 men in Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian MoD.

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